About Sep


Welcome food and fitness fanatics! My name is Sep, short for Sepideh, which means Dawn in Farsi…but that’s a different story.

Growing up in a cable-less home, I spent my grade school years tuning in to Julia Child and Michael Chiarello on Public Broadcasting everyday after school. I got my first cook book when I was 9 and I’ve been in the kitchen since!

Everything I know about food and cooking comes from years of watching every TV Chef, devouring  stacks of cookbooks (no pun intended), and practicing on my eager and willing family.

As a Biology student at Santa Clara University, I discovered my passion for nutrition and developed quick, healthy cooking skills that kept me fit as a busy college chick. I’m thrilled to share those skills with you! 

My mission is to teach even the biggest kitchen-phobe that cooking can be fun & simple. And since you’re already cooking, might as well cook healthy! I’ll teach you easy  recipes that will make you look like a pro and Nutrition wisdom that will make you look like a fox!

I’m so excited to share this journey with you!

Much Love,

Sep Esmaili, B.S., Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Specialist