I love to cook healthy meals for my family but I also work full time. Like many of you, I can’t spend hours in the kitchen so I dream up quick delicious meals to nurture your loved ones. 

I was born in Iran, raised in Silicon Valley and recently moved to Manhattan with the love of my life. My recipes reflect my Iranian heritage, seasonal cooking styles of the Bay Area, and my love for travel.

our wedding day

I experiment with ingredients and techniques to make family favorites as wholesome as possible. Kenny even calls me a wizard every time I make my signature date-sweetened chocolate cake!

I’ll occasionally post recipes for vegan pancakes or gluten free cookies but I’m an omnivore to the core. I love to cook [and eat] cozy casseroles, cheesy quiches, anything with dark chocolate, and various Persian stews ladled over saffron rice.

Instead of dieting, I embrace Julia Child’s philosophy of “everything in moderation…including moderation.” Whether I’m exploring different cultures or cooking at home, I believe good food adds tremendous enjoyment to life. I favor high quality, minimally processed ingredients which means cooking with butter, full fat dairy, and other ingredients that some find taboo.

My basic approach to healthy living is to:

  • eat whole, natural foods
  • limit processed sugar (hello fruit sweetened desserts)
  • savor seasonal produce
  • practice portion control
  • balance everything with sufficient sleep and an active lifestyle

When I’m not in the kitchen you’ll find me hanging out with my college sweetheart. We love to take long walks, cook, read and travel. We’ve crossed off almost every travel dream on my wishlist and we’re now exploring our new home in New York! 

  • 3 month sojourn through Europe ✅
  • road trip through the American South ✅
    • we did this twice and covered: Tennessee, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, and South Carolina
  • Autumn road trip through New England ✅
    • Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Maine
  • African Safari (someday!)
Sep Campos husband
our Christmas in Paris

In between work, travel and life I make time to create healthy recipes for us to enjoy. I try to keep things fuss-free and full of flavor so you can enjoy cooking no matter how busy life gets.

Whether you’ve mastered every recipe in the Joy of Cooking, or you’re new to the kitchen, I’m sure you’ll find something delicious and nourishing to make for your loved ones. Let’s get cooking!



  1. Help! I bought a ton of raw cacao nibs and trying to figure out how to turn them into flat bars without adding anything? I don’t want to add any sugar of any kind/source.

    Btw love your food recipes!!!

    1. Hi Sandro! I love the crunch and flavor of raw cacao nibs! I used to make chocolate bars by combining cacao nibs, cocoa powder, and melted coconut oil with maple syrup, then pouring them into ice cube trays and freezing them for a healthy treat. You can try mixing 2 tablespoons of melted coconut oil with some of the cacao nibs then pouring them into ice cube trays. Put them in the freezer to let them firm up and break off the amount you need when you’re ready to use them. I’m not sure you would be able to turn the nibs into flat bars without adding at least coconut oil to hold everything together.

      Glad you love my recipes, thank you for sending love 🙂

  2. On a recent visit to Napa Valley, my husband and I visited Darioush Winery. I love the pistachios there and we brought back several cans of them. Is there anywhere besides Darioush Winery where I can find such tasty Iranian pistachios? I live in the Midwest.
    Thank you!

  3. Hi Sep. Love your recipes! My husband has recently launched a new website called LemonSalt, which sells special food products and ingredients, including ones used in Iranian cooking. It includes some recipes which then link to the products. We were wondering if it would be alright if we put some of your recipes (or a slightly altered version) on there. We would of course attribute them to you, and put the link there. I wanted to email you privately, but I couldn’t find your email address. From another Sepideh!

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