{broccoli cheddar grilled cheese}


Ohhhh myyyy gooodnessss…I’m getting hungry just writing this blog post! Everyone know broccoli and cheddar are a stellar combination, but slapping them between two slices of buttered sourdough bread and grilling it up is just insane!  Broccoli is one of my favorite vegetables but I don’t really eat much of it. This idea came to […]

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{whole wheat biscotti}

The first time I made home-made biscotti my family was so impressed, they thought it was store bought. No, I mean it…I literally had to show them pictures of the baking process to prove my handiwork! The final product speaks for itself, but what’s most impressive to me is how simple these things are to make. Like […]

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{gluten free pumpkin pie}


I’ve never really been a big fan of pie. With all the delicious chocolates and cakes parading around during the holidays, I always thought it was a waste to spend my calories on pie.   [headline_georgia_small_left color=”#FF6600″]I would still take a nice piece of chocolate cake over a cherry pie any day, but I’m really […]

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{whole wheat severed finger cookies}


[headline_georgia_small_left color=”#FF6600″]Spooky, delicious cookies that your whole family will devour![/headline_georgia_small_left] My mom owns a daycare and making severed finger cookies with the kids was the most fun I’ve had since she opened up shop! I may have enjoyed it even more than the kids did =) This recipe was super easy to make, considering I […]

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