{paleo chocolate banana muffins}


Here is a recipe I’ve been dreaming about for some time!  Those who know me well understand my deep love of breakfast.; more specifically, breakfast pastries!  I’m constantly experimenting with ways to make traditional flour-sugar-butter-type pastries much healthier for you.    These paleo muffins combine two of my favorite flavors (chocolate and banana) and they’re cleverly […]

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{vegan banoffee pie}


Banana + Toffee = Banoffee!  The traditional recipe for this delicious pie calls for condensed milk and butter.  Although delicious, sugar and saturated fat are not exactly on the list of “super foods” and should only be eaten on occasion.  I tried a vegan version of banoffee pie in Bali and I’ve been dying to […]

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{fudgy sweet potato brownies}


This rich, fudgy brownie allows you to feel good about chocolate and bone up on nutrients while you indulge a little!  Nothing excites me more than cheating “cheat meals” by making healthy desserts that actually taste great.  The recipe helps satisfy your sweet tooth with very little sugar (only 1 Cup of sugar for the […]

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{copycat samoas}


A vegan, no bake version of everyone’s favorite Girl Scout cookie! This uncanny samoa replacement lets you enjoy all the delicious flavors of the coconut cookies without any refined sugar or high fructose corn syrup. Your wallet and your waist line will thank you…and I’m pretty sure your taste buds will thank me 😉 Grab […]

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