{mushroom chili twice baked potatoes}


I love it when warm, cozy comfort food is stuffed into another comfort food classic!  That’s exactly what happened when this chili twice baked potato was born!  Hearty, beef and mushroom chili – stuffed into a baked potato, topped with cheese and baked until golden brown! You HAVE to try this before the fall months […]

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{creamy rosemary mushroom pasta}


All this talk about a New York blizzard is making me crave comfort food!  This creamy concoction was easy to throw together and it held up nicely to the January chill. Featuring one of my favorite flavor duos, this recipe features mushrooms and rosemary as a satisfying alternative to meat.  Just grab a few ingredients and […]

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{cream-less creamy tomato soup}


 I’ve never been a big fan of soups until fairly recently. Now I can’t get enough! Since my obsession started, I’ve tried everything from Creamy Mushroom to Split Pea and yet one of my all time favorites is this tomato soup recipe. This recipe was adapted from my go-to cook book, America’s Test Kitchen . To […]

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{cauliflower pesto breadsticks}


The infamous “cauliflower crust pizza” gets a little make over with this breadstick recipe. I added some great flavor to the cauliflower simply by adding some pesto. It was so easy and delicious…and pretty unique. If you’re looking for ways to cut grains…or even just want to try something kinda cool, check out this super […]

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{broccoli pesto soup}


Inspiration for my recipes usually comes from cook books, restaurants, and seasons. Sometimes inspiration  hits simply because I happen to have a certain ingredient on hand and I start to feel adventurous.  During a routine freezer clean out, I noticed that we had a few bags of frozen broccoli on hand. One thing lead to […]

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{roasted asian chicken}


Here’s a delicious chicken recipe that you don’t need to babysit. I love being able to throw something together and let the oven do most of the work. This is precisely one of those recipes. Just whisk all the marinade ingredients together, toss with the chicken, and roast in the oven.  You can also pair […]

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{broccoli cheddar grilled cheese}


Ohhhh myyyy gooodnessss…I’m getting hungry just writing this blog post! Everyone know broccoli and cheddar are a stellar combination, but slapping them between two slices of buttered sourdough bread and grilling it up is just insane!  Broccoli is one of my favorite vegetables but I don’t really eat much of it. This idea came to […]

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{brie & caramelized onion grilled cheese}


Melty, savory brie, with lightly sweetened, golden onions…it’s not healthy, it’s just a great idea!  As much as I’d love to take credit, this recipe was inspired by a delicious crepe I had at Crepes of Brittany, a quaint crepe shop in the heart of beautiful Monterey, California. I’m a firm believer of all things […]

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{Pegah’s tuna patties}


For the passed month a group of friends and I have been enjoying awesome Saturday nights in; partaking in delicious food, great films, and oaky red wine.  Our group dates so far have consisted of fondue night, gourmet hot dogs, awards shows, and Woody Allen…it’s been awesome! A couple weekends ago my friend Pegah, one […]

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