{mexican veggie casserole}


Sauteed onions, mushrooms, and zucchini “hidden” in a delicious casserole that even the kids will gobble up! In the mood for lasagna but not willing to go to two separate stores to pick up the whole wheat noodles and the rest of my ingredients, I dreamed up this little creation while strolling the aisles of […]

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{perfect day meal plan}


Life is hard. Living a healthy life can be even harder, unless you have a game plan…well here is your game plan! I’ve put together a simple plan you can print out and follow to a T if you want amazing health and weight loss. My number one key to success has been planning ahead. […]

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{curry lettuce wraps}


Delicious high protein, low carb meal in quince! One of the fastest ways to start losing weight or fine tune your diet is to limit  your grains. I don’t preach “low Carb” because people tend to cut fresh produce and can fall susceptible to marketing gimmicks that advertise unhealthy processed junk as “low carb”. In […]

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{baked veggie chimichangas}


[headline_georgia_small_left color=”#FF6600″]Veggie filled chimichangas baked crisp to perfection[/headline_georgia_small_left] Working full time definitely makes it challenging to get enough veggies in my diet. That’s what inspired me to cook up these bad boys. I used canned refried beans for a quick, cheap source of protein, tons of sauteed veggies, and portion controlled cheese to make up […]

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{pumpkin pasta carbonara with shrimp}

photo 4

[headline_georgia_small_left color=”#FF6600″]Fall is in the air! Celebrate with this quick, yummy post workout meal.[/headline_georgia_small_left] Everyone knows that autumn is upon us when Starbucks brings back their Pumpkin Spice Latte…and iiiitttt’sss baaaaaaaccccckkkkk! There’s nothing I don’t love about this season. The colorful leaves, the sophisticated fashion, and especially the comfort food make this my favorite season […]

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{turkey bacon and veggie breakfast quesadilla}


[headline_georgia_small_left color=”#FF6600″]I’m going GREEN…recycling recipes that is![/headline_georgia_small_left] Okay, so I’m cheating a little. This past weekend was my sister’s birthday and I also started a new job yesterday, which means, like many of you out there I’ve been super busy. I haven’t had time to step in the kitchen unless it was to bake my […]

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{kale & crimini pita pizzas}


[headline_georgia_medium_left color=”#FF6600″]You have to try this! The perfect post workout meal and a great way to get more pizza…uh, I mean, veggies in your diet =)[/headline_georgia_medium_left] Like most great recipes, this one was created out of necessity. I had just finished a rigorous workout and was absolutely famished. As luck would have it, we didn’t […]

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