{coffee calisthenics: 4 minute workouts for busy folks}

[headline_georgia_small_left color=”#FF6600″]I call these workouts, coffee calisthenics because you can complete them in less time than it takes to brew a pot of coffee and they’ll give you more energy than a cup of Joe ever could![/headline_georgia_small_left] I know, I know, I’ve really been lagging on my posts these passed few weeks. I don’t want to make excuses but I’ve rejoined the working world and am beginning to realize what people mean when they say they don’t have time to workout. Running my own business this passed year has been far from easy, but my flexible schedule allowed me to get a decent sweat session in whenever I wanted.  Now that I’m back doing the 8-5, I barely have time to get ready in the morning, let alone hit the weights for 45min. I still manage to get some workouts in after work, but I’m definitely not as consistent as I’ve been in the past. Missing my scheduled workouts has been a blessing in disguise because it has helped me understand the struggles that my training clients often face. Many of them even have families and still manage to workout at least a few times a weeks….if this is you, KUDOS! Keep up the great work! If unlike these super human gym rats, you find it more difficult to get a decent workout in a few times a week then this article was written for you! Time is a precious commodity  for all of us and when you’re low on resources, you must turn to resourcefulness. That’s why I’ve put together this 7 day calendar with my 4  minute coffee calisthenics. Just set your alarm for 5 minutes earlier everyday and perform one of these metabolism revving sets…you’ll build sexy toned muscle, get your energy up, and give start burning fat in your PJ’s! [headline_georgia_small_left color=”#FF6600″]Here’s your Coffee Calisthenics workout schedule! Print this out and keep it next to your alarm or on your mirror as a reminder to do it everyday!!!![/headline_georgia_small_left]

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  “Is a 4 minute workout enough to make a difference?”….YES! In only 4 minutes you can:

  • perform strategic strength exercises targeted at strengthening the muscles that become tight due to hours of siting (hello Desk Jockeys!)
  • raise you metabolism for hours…yes hours!
  • get in a healthy mindset that can significantly alter the food and activity decisions you make the rest of the day!
  • prevent common injuries that are due to muscle imbalances thanks to our sedentary lifestyles!
  • tone and build muscles that will not only look great, but make your job easier by burning fat even when you’re at rest!

If that’s not enough to get you excited, I don’t know what is! Get out of bed, give yourself 4 minutes, and start living a healthier, happier life NOW!  

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