le chocolat chaud – Parisian hot chocolate

Rich, thick Parisian hot chocolate with the special technique to make this akin to cafe cocoa!



  1. Using a serrated knife, chop the chocolate into pieces that are approximately the same size.
  2. Heat the milk in a medium saucepan over medium low heat. Whisk continuously until the milk is warm but not boiling, about 8-10 minutes (tip: a metal spoon dipped in the milk should release steam when removed).
  3. Add the chocolate to the warm milk, increase the heat to medium high and whisk continuously until the chocolate has melted and the milk begins to boil.
  4. When the milk comes to a boil, immediately lower the heat to low and allow the hot chocolate to boil slowly, while you continue to whisk. After 5-8 minutes, the hot chocolate should be very thick and will coat the back of a spoon. 
  5. Keep a watchful eye on the milk so that it doesn’t boil over.
  6. If the hot chocolate is still watery after 8 minutes, stop stirring and allow the milk to come to a boil. Once the milk has come to a low boil, continue whisking again until thick.
  7. Off the heat, add the salt and vanilla paste and stir.
  8. Serve in small tea cups (½ cup portions make a rich serving of hot chocolate).


Serve immediate or make up to 2 hours in advance. If made in advance, reheat the hot chocolate on the stove while you whisk. Thin it out with some milk if it becomes too thick.