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  • vegan chocolate truffles

    The perfect , healthy way to satisfy your sweet tooth without refined sugar.
  • leprechaun truffles

    Try this recipe out and surprise your friends with a bright green treat when they bite into these bad boys.
  • mint chip vegan ‘nana ice cream

    A delicious vegan treat with a secret veggie ingredient.
  • kale and sundried tomato egg muffins

    The perfect healthy combination of veggies and eggs to get your morning started on the right foot.
  • vegan carrot cake balls

    Vegan, paleo, energy balls packed with veggie nutrition in a delicious dessert disguise!
  • vegan gazpacho

    Taste all the bright flavors of summer with this easy and delicious Gazpacho recipe. The best part? You don’t need to heat up the house because there’s no cooking required. Just gather a few fresh ingredients and your blender and you’re all set!
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