8 fruit-sweetened desserts to help you beat sugar cravings

date sweetened recipe round up

I’ve teamed up with some amazing bloggers to bring you 8 fruit-sweetened desserts to help you beat sugar cravings!

My love for desserts is constantly being threatened by my desire to sustain a healthy lifestyle. If left to my own devices, I can polish off a homemade chocolate cake or a tray of brownies in one sitting! Abiding by Julia Child’s motto of “everything in moderation, including moderation” means I often turn to fruit sweetened desserts to calm my sugar cravings. I’ve teamed up with some amazing bloggers to bring you our favorite fruit-sweetened treats! Now we can all enjoy the sweet life without compromising health or figure! Enjoy our 8 favorite fruit-sweetened desserts and breakfasts!

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*all photos were taken by the bloggers who created the recipe

  1. These German chocolate pecan pie bars by Kit’s Coastal would make the perfect additional to any Thanksgiving feast! 


2. Blueberry date banana yogurt muffins by Berry & Maple make the perfect breakfast treat on busy mornings!


3. Date sweetened pumpkin spice blueberry pancakes  by Hunger Thirst Play tick off all the boxes for a delicious autumn treat! Gotta love that maple syrup pour shot!


4. My favorite personal creation yet: date sweetened chocolate peanut butter sandwich cookies!

chocolate peanut butter sandwich cookie


5. You can whip up this vegan chocolate pecan fudge in no time thanks to the awesome recipe from The Blenderist!

date sweetened fudge


6. A delicious date sweetened way to get your java fix! Try this date and coffee milkshake by Fun Food Frolic – I love the touch of cardamom she adds!

date sweetened recipes


7. This date sweetened pumpkin cheesecake will wow your Thanksgiving guests! My family eats it year round!

gluten free date sweetened pumpkin cheesecake

8. These apricot protein balls from One Clever Chef are as delicious and simple as they are healthy!

date sweetened protein balls

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