what I learned from Stockholm, Sweden

Me and Kenny’s first stop on our 4 month European sojourn was a city that is one third water, one third parks, and one third city – I’m excited to share our photos and what I learned from Stockholm, Sweden. Stockholm is exceptionally clean and is home to some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.

Kenny and I loved taking in the city by foot, relaxing in the verdant parks, and enjoying the long days. The three things I learned about traveling to Stockholm in June are:

  1. Bring an eye mask!  The city didn’t get dark until almost midnight and it was really hard to fall asleep, let alone overcome jet lag. Our trendy airbnb had sheer curtains which certainly didn’t help keep the light out. If I travel to Stockholm again in the summer, I will definitely bring an eye mask.
  2. Bring a nano puff jacket! Most of the photos below were taken during one of the more pristine days in Stockholm, however it did get quite cold. Our Patagonia jackets were our best friends because they were light enough to carry around all day and really kept us warm when the weather turned unexpectedly chilly!

    stockholm travels
    Our jackets coming in super handy!
  3. Find a grocery store your first day! Stockholm is notoriously expensive and we spent more on one meal at a restaurant then we did on a full day of eating and sight seeing when we bought picnic supplies at a grocery store. Ask a local where your nearest grocery store is and stock up on delicious sandwich fixings. The city was hosting a food festival during our stay and that allowed us to sample the restaurant fare at more reasonable prices.

    Our expensive but delicious Lebanese food!

I hope you get to experience Stockholm in the near future. It is beautiful and often overlooked by visitors to Europe which makes it less crowded during peak season! Please enjoy some photos from me and Kenny’s trip. Happy travels!

Stockholm, Sweden

stockholm sweden

stockholm sweden

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