where to stay in Paris

where to stay in paris

First time travelers might wonder where to stay in Paris. Here’s my Quora answer this question, I hope it helps you plan your stay in the city of lights!

The best neighborhood to live in Paris for a month (in my opinion) is the 6th Arrondissement. Although this is a subjective response, as a young American couple with interests in food, cooking, art, history, architecture and literature, the 6th Arrondissement was for us the perfect home away from home. We spent almost 2 full weeks exploring only the 6th arrondissement and never tired of the streets, the food, or the people.

The St. Germaine neighborhood is replete with history. It was surreal to walk passed the favorite cafes of Ernest Hemingway and Victor Hugo everyday on our way home from the grocery store.

where to stay in paris

The St. Sulpice church is beautiful and you’ll interact with Parisians instead of wading through hordes of tourists like you do in front of Notre Dame. Fewer tourists also means that there are fewer peddlers on the streets and pick pockets on the prowl.

where to stay in paris

There are book shops on every street, many with their libraries overflowing onto the sidewalks.

You’ll taste the best hot chocolate (chocolat chaud) of your life at Les Deux Magots. You might not find the best croissants in the 6th arrondissement but you can always hop on a metro and head to Ble Sucre for that!

If you love fashion, you will swoon as you walk down Rue St. Dominique and Boulevard Saint-Germain. The spirits of Coco Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent nodding approvingly as you contemplate blowing an entire paycheck on a hand bag.

We spent many afternoons in the Luxembourg gardens with our picnic lunch, watching kids sail their boats in the fountain, and discovering hidden areas where locals hide out from the tourists.

As an avid cook and food lover, I instantly fell in love with la grande epicerie and went back [more times than I care to share] for their amazing apricot clafoutis. This incredible gourmet shop takes up an entire block of the street and you can find any food souvenir, cooking gadget, or seasoning you can think of. They also boast an impressive deli, bakery, and food counter that is anything but take out. We made a habit of stocking up on bakery items, walking over to the nearby Jardin Catherine-Laboure, and enjoying a lazy afternoon on the grass with our books and our treats.

For these reasons and for all of the magical moments my husband and I experienced in the 6th arrondissement, I believe it is the ideal neighborhood to live in for a month…or more!

where to stay in Paris

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